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Wedding Photo- Fun Edits!

I found this great tutorial last night that shows you how to change photos into text.

What do you think? Can you tell what the text says?

Mike and I plan to edit this picture multiple ways (black/white and color) to hang in our hallway.


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Marriage: Month Four

Mike and I have been married for over four months! Time has seriously flown by. Though we are still very newlyweded, it’s been amazing how easy it’s been to live together. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before we got married! I guess it just feels natural. (I understand if you need to gag a bit, that was kinda sappy)

This weekend we did a little photo shoot. Which one is your favorite?


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How to Import Your Camera

You know when you visit friends in August and take a picture of the group to remember it and then you dont remember you are the only one with the photo and no one has seen it yet and its almost November? That happened.

Better yet you know when you have months of photos on your camera and you dont import them until you’ve maximized your memory card and then you find lots of things you forgot about. That also happened.

We visited friends in August and just yesterday I imported my camera, finding this lovely picture of our friends.

Back Row: The Kuehls, The Eppingers, The Buengers

Front Row: Payton Buenger

August 2011

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Wedding Photos: Post-Ceremony

Ya’ll you have no idea how hard it is to narrow these puppies down!

Here are just of few of the many Post-Ceremony Pictures from our Wedding!


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Wedding Photos: Ceremony

It is so fun to look back through the pictures and relive our special day!

Here are a few photos from our wedding ceremony.

Nicholas Norbert Photography

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Wedding Photos: Before the Ceremony

Here we have it, folks!

Part one of a three part series!

Before the Ceremony

As always, thank you, Nicholas Norbert Photography!



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