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How to Import Your Camera

You know when you visit friends in August and take a picture of the group to remember it and then you dont remember you are the only one with the photo and no one has seen it yet and its almost November? That happened.

Better yet you know when you have months of photos on your camera and you dont import them until you’ve maximized your memory card and then you find lots of things you forgot about. That also happened.

We visited friends in August and just yesterday I imported my camera, finding this lovely picture of our friends.

Back Row: The Kuehls, The Eppingers, The Buengers

Front Row: Payton Buenger

August 2011


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Meatless for a Month (or more?)

I’m going meatless, friends. I’ve been hearing so much about animal cruelty and processed meats lately that I thought I’d try it out for a month. Looking into it, there’s so many different kinds of vegetarianism/vegan-ism. I figured my best bet as a newb would be to just skip out on the meat for now. I’m not ready to give up on all my dairies yet! (umm…. cheese makes everything better). This will also help me broaden my culinary horizon (confession: I just started eating salads a few months ago) and will help me practice my photography, as I document my attempts!

Any vegs out there with some tips/resources/recipes/advice?


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Living with a Man

I told you we get the keys to our new apartment in 12 days! That means transitioning from living with 3 girls to living with a boy. YES!. I’m going to be living with a boy! (what?!) Not just any man, though. Its by BFF, partner in crime, earthly rock and husband-to-be!  I’m so excited to be living with Mike once we become husband and wife but I know it’ll be a huge adjustment! Shavings in the sink, boxers on the floor, sweaty and stinky, and all up in my personal space.

Any advice?


Didn’t Nicholas Norbert do a great job with our engagement pictures?


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