Fact: It’s Friday 10/28/11

Is It Friday already? Awesome.

Fact #2: In elementary school I lied at the eye doctor because I wanted glasses.

Who the heck WANTS glasses? I did. I was having a little trouble seeing (truth), so I told my mom. We went to the eye doctor for a check up and the doctor totally caught me exaggerating (ok, lying) about my sight and then told my mom. BUSTED. But I ended up needing them anyway (astigmatism). I didn’t even need to lie. I got glasses and proudly wore them for a year or two. Then at Great America, someone lost them. No one remembers who had them last. I went to a new eye doctor, who was all, “yeah, she doesn’t need glasses.” So I never got a new pair. But then in high school, I felt like my vision was getting bad, so I went to yet another eye doctor who concluded I could use some glasses. (No lying this time!) I’ve been wearing them ever since.


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  1. Anna

    hilarious…i totally did that when i was a kid and had huge nerdy glasses in the 2nd grade.

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