Fact: Its Friday 10/21/11

Fact #1: When I was little, I used to think the moon followed me.

What? That isn’t true?

Every parent tells their daughter that they are the most beautiful girl in the world. (no? just mine?) And until a certain age, children believe their parents. So, naturally, for a while I believed that I was at least one of the most beautiful little girls in the whole wide world (after all my parents don’t actually know every girl in the world so they couldn’t be positive).

AND, the moon/gravity/space is kind of a confusing subject for a child. The moon is everywhere you go! You’re driving down the road, turn a corner, think you lost him (yes, the moon is a him) but NOPE! He’s just on the other side of the car. Everywhere. You. Go.

Put two and two together,

and it only makes sense that the moon follows the most beautiful girl in the world.

There you have it.


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One response to “Fact: Its Friday 10/21/11

  1. Brynn

    Hi jen! I like your blog. you are awesome. And your pictures are really beautiful. 🙂

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