Living with a Man

I told you we get the keys to our new apartment in 12 days! That means transitioning from living with 3 girls to living with a boy. YES!. I’m going to be living with a boy! (what?!) Not just any man, though. Its by BFF, partner in crime, earthly rock and husband-to-be!  I’m so excited to be living with Mike once we become husband and wife but I know it’ll be a huge adjustment! Shavings in the sink, boxers on the floor, sweaty and stinky, and all up in my personal space.

Any advice?


Didn’t Nicholas Norbert do a great job with our engagement pictures?



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4 responses to “Living with a Man

  1. First of all, your engagement pictures are gorgeous!
    As for living with a boy… be patient and don’t be afraid to just tell him what you need him to do or don’t do. There were some things about keeping a house clean and living with a girl that Mike had honestly never thought about before we moved in together, and he appreciated me just telling him what I needed from him.
    And honestly, boys are super fun room mates, you will love it!

  2. Aunt Diane

    Don’t be afraid to let him know you need his help. After all, this is a 50 – 50% union. But – love each other and have fun!

  3. The beginning will be pure excitement! Just don’t let the little things get to you, be open to his needs/routines, and remember he doesn’t think like you, he’s a boy. ; )


  4. Also (I’ve been thinking about this), be prepared to: #1 laugh at bodily functions, and #2 find the silliest things he does completely adorable. ; )

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