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I Won!

There was a staff appreciation luncheon today with silly dollar store door prizes- and I won!

Check out my sweet watermelon printed napkins. I know it’s only worth a dollar, but I seriously felt so happy and loved and honored that I was picked to win (it was a random draw haha!). Still- it made me very happy and I thought I’d show you my winnings.

No, I will not share 🙂



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Living with a Man

I told you we get the keys to our new apartment in 12 days! That means transitioning from living with 3 girls to living with a boy. YES!. I’m going to be living with a boy! (what?!) Not just any man, though. Its by BFF, partner in crime, earthly rock and husband-to-be!  I’m so excited to be living with Mike once we become husband and wife but I know it’ll be a huge adjustment! Shavings in the sink, boxers on the floor, sweaty and stinky, and all up in my personal space.

Any advice?


Didn’t Nicholas Norbert do a great job with our engagement pictures?


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Packing Up and Moving Out

Move Out/In is 12 days away!

June 4th, Mike and I get the keys to our first apartment together. To say I can’t wait is an understatement! Ever since we started registering for the wedding (which, by the way is one of the best things ever!), and my bridal shower, I’ve been itching to move in and make it our new home. I’ve been constantly looking at blogs for new and fun decoration ideas.

But before I can start decorating, and before I can move into the new ‘pad,’ I still need to pack up all my stuff! I love unpacking things; organizing and finding the perfect place for everything. But packing things up really isn’t my thing. I’m so thankful Mike and my parent’s are heading up to help us out. They’ll be packing up their cars with shower gifts and furniture and heading up to Madison to help us get a great start to move. It seems like just yesterday my parents were helping me move into my dorm room! Oh, how time flies!

The Lord has really blessed the time I’ve lived at this apartment and the past fours years of college in general. He has also really been preparing me for this time of transitioning. This summer will surely be bittersweet: saying goodbye to college friends, moving in with my best friend (more thoughts on living with a boy here) among 400 weddings and figuring out how to be a wifey, but I’m ready to take it on full force!

I think I’ll start packing my stuff tonight. I’ve only been at my current apartment for two years, but I KNOW I’ve got way too much stuff to sort through. Want to start making bets as to how many garbage bags I fill?

– Jen

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